Get Started

You can visit our online address to use MQTT X Web, or private deployment to your server.

MQTT X Web usage is basically the same as the MQTT X Desktop. For detailed usage, please refer to the Getting Started and Advanced documentations of the MQTT X Desktop. This documentation only introduces the different parts from the MQTT X Desktop.

Differences between Web and Desktop

  • Web version only supports connecting to MQTT servers via WebSocket, not TCP

  • Web version wss does not support two-way authentication

  • Except for the above two points, which are limited by the browser, the core functions are consistent with the desktop version, but the Web version is behind the desktop version and lacks some new features. We will continue to follow up and synchronize the latest features

Privatization Deployment

We provide Docker image for users who want to privatize deployment, you can quickly deploy it through the following command, you can also refer to Development Guide to build and deploy by yourself.

docker pull emqx/mqttx-web

docker run -d --name mqttx-web -p 80:80 emqx/mqttx-web