Install MQTT X using the Command Line.

  • Windows Windows
  • Mac Mac
  • Linux Linux
  • Docker Docker


Designed to help develop and debug MQTT faster on the terminal.

Open Source Open Source

100% open source under Apache 2.0 license

Dependency-free Dependency-free

Get up and run with no prerequisites required

Easy to Integrate Easy to Integrate

Quick integration into automation test scripts

One and Two Way SSL One and Two Way SSL

Support for one-way and two-way SSL authentication

Quick Start

mqttx conn -h '' -p 1883 -u 'admin' -P 'public'
mqttx sub -t 'hello' -h '' -p 1883
mqttx pub -t 'hello' -h '' -p 1883 -m 'Hello from MQTTX CLI'
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Better Together with EMQX

MQTT X is designed for an easier way to develop and test IoT applications. Connect MQTT X to a powerful MQTT broker or cloud with one click, and enjoy the combined power to build your business-critical IoT platforms and applications quickly.

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MQTT Cloud

EMQX Cloud, a fully managed MQTT messaging service for IoT.

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MQTT Broker

EMQX - the world’s most scalable open-source MQTT broker.

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