MQTTX v1.9.9 Release Note

Feb 5, 2024

Release Note πŸŽ‰

πŸš€ Extended Formats, πŸ›  Debug Logging, and πŸ”§ UI Flexibility

Features 🌈

  • Connection Events (Desktop/Web/CLI): Adds support for disconnect and offline events, improving the robustness of connection handling.
  • CBOR Support (Desktop/CLI): Introduces CBOR as a new option for data type decoding, enhancing the flexibility in handling different message formats.
  • Log Level (Desktop): Added a log level field with debug support, allowing customized log verbosity.
  • Connection List Visibility (Desktop): Enhances the desktop interface by allowing users to hide or show the connection list, providing a more streamlined experience.
  • CLI Enhancements: Added a message limit option to the bench pub command for improved publishing control.

Improvements πŸ’«

  • MQTTX Copilot Enhancements: The MQTTX Copilot now supports a wider array of client code generation categories for both software and hardware projects, including:
    • UI Frameworks: Vue.js and React.
    • Hardware Platforms: ESP32, ESP8266, Arduino, Raspberry Pi.
    • Mobile Applications: Android, iOS, React Native, Flutter.
      • UI/UX Enhancements (Desktop/Web): Refinements in log message clarity, icon updates, and extracted hard-coded style values into enums contribute to a more cohesive and user-friendly interface.
      • Documentation and Readme Updates: Simplification and updates to the CLI readme and badges, making it easier for users to get started and understand the tool's capabilities.
      • Dependency Updates: Bumps follow-redirects library across different project parts, ensuring improved stability and performance.
      • Codebase Refinements: Numerous refactorings across desktop and web versions, including payload type table migration.

Fixes πŸ› 

  • Connection Issues (Desktop): Fixes a bug where the reconnect feature would only work on the current page and addresses an issue with hiding the connection list in new windows.

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