MQTTX v1.9.10 Release Note

Apr 3, 2024

Release Note πŸŽ‰

🚨 Important Upgrade Notice: Faker v8 Upgrade with Breaking Changes

Before upgrading to 1.9.10, note that it has to break changes with faker.js. Scripts using simulate may need modifications. For adaptation details, refer to the Faker.js Upgrade Guide.

Features 🌈

  • CLI: Added a message limit option to the simulate command.
  • Desktop,Web:
    • Remember the selected encode/decode type.
    • Added a save button for new or edit connections.
  • Desktop,CLI,Web
    • Display the reason and code for disconnection and subscription failure.

Improvements πŸ’«

  • CLI: Display enhancements for the sub command, including from topic and QoS.

Fixes πŸ› 

  • CLI: Fixed format of help information description.
  • Desktop,Web: Fixed validation when subscribing to multiple topics.

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