MQTTX v1.8.3 Release Note

Oct 11, 2022

Release Note πŸŽ‰

πŸ’„ New beauty changes to the output of the MQTT X CLI

Features 🌈

  • MQTT X: Replace Clean Session with Clean Start and Session Expiry Interval on MQTT 5.0
  • MQTT X: true and false selectors modified to switch button
  • MQTT X: Formatting Output Hex Data
  • MQTT X: Optimizing the use of SSL/TLS switches
  • MQTT X CLI: New beauty changes to the output
  • MQTT X CLI: Support multi-topic subscription
  • MQTT X CLI: More MQTT 5.0 properties, such as Session Expiry Interval
  • MQTT X CLI: Add check command for check updates
  • MQTT X CLI: Add publish topic validation
  • MQTT X Web: Add payload & topic history of sent messages
  • MQTT X Web: Support message copy & message delete
  • MQTT X Web: Synchronize more Desktop features, such as multi-topic subscriptions, resubscription settings, auto-scroll, etc
  • MQTT X Web: Docker supports multiple platforms and custom deployment to any path

Fix πŸ› 

  • MQTT X: Fixed can not show retain message when disconnected
  • MQTT X: Fixed the problem that the content is truncated when spaces are in Hex format
  • MQTT X: Fixed the problem that the in-use script cannot be deleted
  • MQTT X: Fixed the problem that messages cannot be received after setting the topic alias
  • MQTT X: Fixed some internal errors
  • MQTT X CLI: Fixed the setting connection user properties issue in the pub and sub command

The New ✨

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