MQTTX v1.8.1 Release Note

Jul 29, 2022

Release Note πŸŽ‰

🚚 Automatic update support for software packages πŸ“¦

Features 🌈

  • MQTT X: Automatic update (Thanks @laybrid)
  • MQTT X: Default connection using MQTT 5.0
  • MQTT X: Topic is validated before publishing (Cannot contain #, +, $, etc.)
  • MQTT X CLI: Support MQTT 5.0 connection
  • MQTT X CLI: Support MQTT 5.0 for User Properties and Subscription Options
  • MQTT X CLI: Add the conn command to test the connection
  • MQTT X Web: UI style updates, synchronized with MQTT X

Fix πŸ› 

  • MQTT X: Fixed exited unexpectedly on macOS
  • MQTT X: Fixed User Properties display issue
  • MQTT X CLI: Fixed invalid clean option

The New ✨

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What's Changed

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