MQTTX v1.7.1 Release Note

Dec 31, 2021

πŸ†• Happy New Year!

Features 🌈

  • Support MQTT 5.0 Subscription Identifier
  • Expose more properties on the message box and Logs
  • Support Edit/Disable/Enable Topics
  • Add Try EMQ X Cloud button on about page
  • Update loading app page
  • Add sync the os theme switch button
  • Linux Flathub deployment (Thanks @eaglesemanation )

Fix πŸ› 

  • Fix pass the ob field to user properties
  • Fix client id is unique in the database
  • Fix can not send empty Topic when using Topic Alias
  • Fix resub can not sync all subscriptions data
  • Fix collection importing issue
  • Fix sync auto-resub
  • Fix new window issue
  • Fix can not display offline messages


What's Changed

New Contributors

Full Changelog: