MQTTX v1.10.0 Release Note

Jun 7, 2024

Release Note πŸŽ‰

πŸš€ This release introduces multiple enhancements, new features, and critical fixes across Desktop, CLI, and Web platforms.

Features 🌈

  • Desktop:
    • Added a database reset page to fix blank screens caused by corrupted files.
    • Added auto resubscription tips on the subscription dialog.
    • Handle large data in messages.
    • GPT-4o support for Copilot.
  • CLI:
    • Support for reading and writing messages from/to files.
    • Added delimiter option for sub-file write.
    • Bench pub supports split file content.
    • Support for text output.
    • Added support for init and load config file.
    • Config support for max reconnect times.
    • Improved check update with Ora.
  • Web:
    • Online address migration to β†’
    • Added support for BASE_URL configuration via env file.
    • Supported clearing historical data.
    • Data export and import features.

Improvements πŸ’«

  • Desktop:
  • CLI:
    • Improved logging format.
    • Upgraded node version to 18.
    • Refactored configs to options.
    • Grayed out output meta info.
    • Improved bench sub logs.
  • Web:
    • Added a Docker local deployment guide.
    • Modified web deploy configuration.
  • Desktop, CLI, Web:

Fixes πŸ› 

  • Desktop:
    • Fixed the bug of topic filtering.
    • Fixed some TypeScript errors.
    • Shared one message event.
    • Removed useless i18n.
  • CLI:
    • Fixed options handler for file write.
    • Fixed split option bugs and set a default value.
    • Fixed display issue with a split default value.
    • Fixed bench sub duplicate logs.
    • Fixed wrong prompt type on error.
    • Fixed sub-error logic with multiple topics.

Breaking Changes ⚠️

  • CLI: command changes: config -> options
Old Command New Command
mqttx conn -h -p 1883 --save mqttx conn -h -p 1883 --save-options
mqttx conn --config /Users/mqttx-cli-config.json mqttx conn --load-options /Users/mqttx-cli-options.json

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