Development Guide

When developing, you need to have Node, Git environment in the local machine, and need to know about npm,Node.js,MQTT,TypeScript and other related knowledge.

# Fork & Clone project
git clone${name}/MQTTX.git

cd MQTTX/cli
yarn install

# Compile and hot reload for development
yarn run dev

# Compile and compress to build a production version
yarn run build

When developing, you can use the yarn link command to link the MQTTX CLI to the global for easy debugging.

After a successful build, the corresponding files of the successful build will appear in the dist directory and need to be used in the Node.js environment.

If you need to package a binary executable, please refer to the following command.

# Install pkg lib
npm install pkg -g

# Build binary
pkg package.json

After a successful build, you will see the binary executable for each system in the release directory.


Please make sure to read the Contributing Guide before making a pull request.