MQTTX v1.9.1 更新日志

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Speed ⚡️ & Stable 🏋️

MQTT X Desktop

  • Performance improved by around 80+%.
  • Alert box when you receive a new message.
  • Fixed issues with importing and backing up data, fixing the integrity and correctness of importing and exporting data, and optimizing the loading speed when importing, etc.
  • Fixed a problem where Username had to be entered when using Client ID + Password authentication.
  • Fixed a problem where offline messages could not be received after reconnecting.
  • Corrected a problem where the order of messages in the message list was incorrect in some cases.
  • Fixed a problem where multiple identical Key names could be filled in the user properties configuration, which is 100% compatible with the MQTT protocol.
  • Fix the problem where group icons would disappear due to too long group names, and support full display of too long group names.
  • Corrected a problem where the right-click menu in the group list was displayed outside the window.
  • Fixed a problem where other subscribed topics would disappear after clicking on traffic statistics and automatically subscribing to the system topic $SYS/#.
  • Corrected a problem where the subscribed topics window did not correctly reset the subscribed topics configuration.
  • Corrected a problem where the Payload editor did not correctly adjust the width when the window was resized manually.
  • Fixed a problem with highlighting connections when creating a new window.
  • Changed the help page to Everything about MQTT and made it a first-level menu for users to learn about MQTT.
  • Optimised the status display when clicking on the Send button to avoid users mistakenly thinking that clicking on Send has failed.
  • Optimise the alert for the unconnected status when clicking the Subscribe button.
  • Optimise the hint for filling in the Topic field, etc.


  • Automatic reconnection support, optimized for when the MQTT X CLI command line client is disconnected after an exception occurs on the MQTT server.
  • File saving, support for reading and saving local configuration files, users can save connection parameters to local configuration files and read them directly the next time they connect.
  • Payload format conversion, support for converting incoming messages to String, Hex, Base64, JSON.
  • Add year-month-day log display.

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