MQTTX v1.9.8 リリースノート

Dec 28, 2023

Release Note 🎉

🤖 Major MQTTX Copilot (beta.2) Enhancements and 🔧 CLI Improvements

MQTTX 1.9.8 introduces significant updates, primarily enriching MQTTX Copilot features and optimizing the CLI experience.

Features 🌈

  • Debug Mode (CLI): Introduces support for debug mode with mqtt.js, providing advanced debugging capabilities.
  • Copilot Enhancements (Desktop):
    • Stream response support to improve response speed and user experience.
    • One-click EMQX log analysis.
    • One-click copy to generate MQTT client code.
    • One-click insert generated MQTT test data into the payload editor.
    • Generates more diverse MQTT test data automatically.
    • Add more MQTT FAQs preset prompts to assist users.
    • Utilizes connection info in error prompts for more efficient troubleshooting.
    • Interpreter can automatically generate test documentation for the current MQTT connection.
  • Connection Management Optimization: Replaces chart.js with echart for enhanced traffic statistics display.

Fixes 🛠

  • Connection Management (Desktop): This addresses the issue of sending empty authentication information (temporary solution).

    Known issue: In the MQTT-v5 protocol, the mqtt-packet library incorrectly requires a username to be provided when a password is set. However, MQTT-v5 allows sending a password without a username. Thanks to @JimMoen for the fix:

  • Copilot Functionality (Desktop): Corrects the temperature value in the OpenAI API for more precise Copilot responses.

Improvements 💫

  • User Settings (Desktop): Adds an enable Copilot switch in the settings for greater user control over the Copilot feature.

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What's Changed 🔄

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