MQTTX v1.9.7 更新日志

Release Note 🎉

🤖 MQTTX AI Copilot (Beta.1)

Features 🌈

MQTTX Copilot (Powered by GPT, only Desktop, and the beta version)

  • MQTTX Copilot Added: Introduced MQTTX Copilot for enhanced user experience with AI.
  • Error Message Analysis: Implemented functionality to analyze error messages via MQTTX Copilot.
  • Preset Prompt Actions: Included preset prompt actions in MQTTX Copilot for better interaction.
  • More Languages Highlighting: MQTTX Copilot now supports code highlighting for additional programming languages.
  • API Key and Model in Database: The database structure, including API keys and model fields, was updated.

Fixes 🛠

  • Secure HTTPS Links(CI): Ensured all download links are secure HTTPS.
  • Unit Addition(Dev): Added necessary units in theme configuration to avoid deprecation warnings.
  • Branch Name to Main(Docs): Updated branch names to “main” in all documentation.
  • HTTPS Document Links(CI): Changed all documentation links to HTTPS for security.
  • Unused Placeholders Removed(Desktop): Cleaned unused placeholders in code.
  • Topic-Alias Web Fix(Web): Fixed topic-alias maximum error in web connections.
  • Topic-Alias CLI Fix(CLI): Addressed the same topic-alias error in CLI connections.
  • Translation Updates(Desktop, Web): Improved translations for specific languages.
  • Typo Corrections(Desktop): Corrected typing errors in documentation or code.
  • JSON Precision(Desktop, CLI, Web): Enhanced data precision in JSON messages.
  • Invalid JSON Error(Desktop, CLI, Web): Enhanced error handling for invalid JSON formats.
  • Reconnection Issue Fixed(Desktop): Solved issues with reconnection after disconnection.
  • SSL Option Clarified(Desktop): Updated the SSL switch option content for better user understanding.

Improvements 💫

  • Engine Support: Added support for specific engines in the software.
  • Node Version for Build: Software builds now use a specific Node.js version.
  • Removed Unused Axios: Cleaned the codebase by removing the no longer used axios library.
  • Web get-func-name Upgrade: Upgraded the get-func-name library in web components to a newer version.
  • get-func-name Upgrade: Upgraded the get-func-name library in the main project.
  • Web @babel/traverse Upgrade: Elevated the @babel/traverse library version in web components.
  • @babel/traverse Upgrade: Updated the @babel/traverse library version in the project.
  • Web browserify-sign Upgrade: Upgraded the browserify-sign library in web components to a new version.
  • browserify-sign Upgrade: Upgraded the browserify-sign library for the entire project.
  • Web README Update: Updated and improved the README documentation for web components.

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