MQTTX v1.9.6 更新日志

Release Note 🎉

🖥️ MQTTX 1.9.6 Highlights: Enhanced Connection Protocols and User Interface Improvements

In MQTTX 1.9.6, we are excited to introduce enhanced connection protocols and several user interface improvements that are set to refine your experience on Desktop, CLI, and Web platforms.

Features 🌈

  • ALPN Protocols Support (Desktop / Web / CLI): This update introduces ALPN protocols support, elevating the connection protocols to a new level of efficiency and security.
  • Clear History Data Functionality (Desktop): A new feature that allows users to clear all history data, including all messages, facilitating a cleaner and more organized workspace.
  • Optimized Publish Options UI (Desktop / Web): Experience a more intuitive and user-friendly publish options UI, designed to streamline your operations.
  • Simplified Clear Retained Message Operation (Desktop): Users can now clear retained messages more efficiently with a one-click operation, found in the actions button in the Publish section, thus making message management smoother.

Fixes 🛠

  • Retained Message Publishing (Desktop): A significant fix has been implemented to enable the publishing of clear retained messages correctly.
  • CLI Base64 Format Message Publishing (CLI): This fix addresses the issue of incorrect publishing of base64 format messages through CLI, ensuring accurate message transmissions.
  • MQTT 5 Properties Display (Desktop): A fix ensuring the complete and correct display of MQTT 5 properties in the message box, enhancing the UI.
  • JSON Messages Type Conversion (Web): The web interface now accurately converts the types of received JSON messages, preventing display errors.

Improvements 💫

  • Timed Message Action (Desktop): The action related to timed messages has been relocated to the actions button, facilitating easier access and improved user interaction.

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