MQTTX v1.9.5 更新日志

Release Note 🎉

🎨 Enhanced JSON syntax error messages and JSON highlighting in messages

MQTTX 1.9.5 has improved error messages for JSON syntax issues and support for JSON highlighting in messages. It also includes style and UI modifications to enhance the user experience.

Features 🌈

  • JSON Highlighting Support: Messages now support JSON highlighting for better readability.
  • Lazy Update Detection and Component Loading: Enhanced system efficiency by implementing lazy update detection and component loading.
  • Improved JSON Syntax Error Messages: Enhanced error messages related to JSON syntax for better troubleshooting.

Fixes 🛠

  • Text Processing Error: Resolved text processing error for better functionality.
  • Style Modifications: Several UI and style modifications for an improved user experience, including the ability to fully display user properties in messages.
  • Dark Mode Adaptation: Tabs border color now adapts to dark mode settings.
  • Highlighting for Valid JSON Code: JSON code now gets highlighted when the payload is valid.
  • Scroll Bar Style: Modified scroll bar style for better navigation.

Preview 🖼️


Known Issues❗️

  • Escape "\n" in message-type text.
  • Message display truncates long user properties and does not expand as space is available.
  • Layout issue after maximizing.
  • UI - Wrong format of the sub-topic column.
  • MQTTX shows a blank screen after upgrading to 1.9.4.

What's Changed ♻️

Full Changelog: