MQTTX v1.7.0 更新日志

Release Note 🎉

💡 Now! We support more properties of MQTT v5.0!

Features 🌈

  • Support for configuring more Properties when connecting and publishing on MQTT v5.0
  • Support for adding and displaying User Properties on MQTT v5.0
  • Support for configuring Properties when subscribing to topics on MQTT v5.0
  • Support multiple topics subscriptions at once
  • Add auto-scroll setting
  • Theme sync with OS setting (Only macOS)
  • Add Hungarian language support (Thanks @misi89 ) 🇭🇺

Fix 🛠

  • Fix the auto-resub sync issue
  • Fix import data issue
  • Fix can not edit an existing connection
  • Fix the error of certificate has expired
  • Fix can not clear history for messages
  • Fix base64 convert issue
  • Fix new windows loading issue
  • Fix the disorder issue of the connection list