MQTTX v1.6.0 更新日志

Release Note 🎉

Features 🌈

  • New UI design
  • Adapt to MacOS new design icon
  • Add min-width and min-height on the window
  • Add rpm & deb Linux system package
  • Autofocus on new collection input
  • Add context menu to beautify format JSON data on payload editor
  • Automatically beautify JSON
  • Optimize the editor input experience

Fix 🛠

  • Fix cannot read property payload type of undefined
  • Fix can't send hex & base64 payload on history
  • Fix reconnect bug (Thanks to @gilbertwong96 )
  • Fix can not resize the editor
  • Fix the form label width
  • Custom the native scrollbar style
  • Fix click ESC button to cancel input collection name error

Preview 🖼