MQTTX v1.2.2 リリースノート

Mar 31, 2021

Release Note 🎉

Features 🌈

  • Support select custom and random colors for topics
  • Optimized error and warning notifications
  • Add CmdOrCtrl + Enter CmdOrCtrl + F hotkeys

Fix 🛠

  • Update the about page
  • Modified the area of the draggable window
  • Renamed field names for some MQTT configurations
  • Fixed automatic reconnection issue
  • Fixed unable to display messages when back to list
  • Fixed connection button misalignment
  • Connect Timeout units changed to seconds


  1. The unit of Connect Time has been modified. If there is old data, milliseconds should be converted to seconds
  2. CmdOrCtrl + Enter to send payload, CmdOrCtrl + F can quickly search for messages by topic

Preview 🖼